Trailer Trash
In a world where trailers are more popular than ever, comes a show that finally puts review in preview.  Trailer Trash showcases Hollywood's latest, and hopefully greatest, movie trailers.  Then based on the trailers, the hosts tell you whether they're going to HITCH or DITCH the movie.  Trailer Trash also has a team of correspondents who hit the streets to dissect everything that is coming soon to your Cineplex.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Correspondent Shayla Hudson-WilliamsColor CommentaryColor Commentary

Shayla Hudson-Williams – Correspondent “Color Commentary”

Shayla Hudson-Williams is a quadruple threat with her talents being acting, singing, dancing, and writing. While attending the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Shayla was fortunate to put her education to its use on the Black Entertainment Television Network Show "Teen Summit." After The American Academy, Shayla found her passion for dancing.  She has had the privilege of dancing for Missy Elliot and Debbie Allen.  Being apart of the Classical world for 5 years, Shayla has worked with The Charlens Royal Shakespeare Co. as well as Shakespeare By the Sea.  Right now, Shayla is working on a screen play and is co-starring in a production of High School Musical. Shayla is very fortunate and proud to be apart of the “Trailer Trash” family.

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