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In a world where trailers are more popular than ever, comes a show that finally puts review in preview.  Trailer Trash® showcases Hollywood's latest, and hopefully greatest, movie trailers.  Then based on the trailers, the hosts tell you whether they're going to HITCH or DITCH the movie.  Trailer Trash® also has a team of correspondents who hit the streets to dissect everything that is coming soon to your Cineplex.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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Trailer Trash ® meets the press...
Trailer Trash co-host, Michael Coleman, was featured on G4TV's "Attack of the Show."

Attack of the Show

Michael on G4TV's "Attack of the Show"

And Trailer Trash Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Shawn Thomas, has been interviewed about the development of Trailer Trash in the book Gardner's Guide to Writing and Producing for Television.

Gardner's Guide to Writing and Producing for Television

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