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In a world where trailers are more popular than ever, comes a show that finally puts review in preview.  Trailer Trash® showcases Hollywood's latest, and hopefully greatest, movie trailers.  Then based on the trailers, the hosts tell you whether they're going to HITCH or DITCH the movie.  Trailer Trash® also has a team of correspondents who hit the streets to dissect everything that is coming soon to your Cineplex.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

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Hosts Michael Coleman & Bethany DwyerHosts Michael Coleman & Bethany Dwyer

Created by Jeff Hodsden and Shawn Thomas, "Trailer Trash" had been sitting on the development shelf until, spurred on by friends who loved the idea, Shawn finally dusted off the treatment and went to work shooting a legit spec TV pilot to present to interested networks.  The very independent project exceeded everyone's already high level of expectations, and now the show is making it's way through the jungle of Hollywood TV networks.

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Trailer Trash Premiere Invitation

On April 16th, 2007, "Trailer Trash" had a thrilling cast & crew screening and wrap party at the Knitting Factory Hollywood.  Around two hundred people showed up to support the completed two episode spec pilot.  It was standing room only! 

Executive Producers Shawn Thomas & Amy CalhounDirector, Ric Serena; Art Director, Jennifer SerenaHead Writer Steve Jarczak
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Trailer Trash "Hitches It" at World Premiere

WHAT:         "Trailer Trash" World Premiere

WHEN:         Monday, April 16, 2007, 6pm

WHERE:       The Knitting Factory, 7021 Hollywood Blvd. , Hollywood, CA

WHO:           Mystify Productions, Shawn Thomas

Hollywood, Calif., April 12— Mystify Productions will crush a Hollywood taboo Monday night in Hollywood at the world premiere screening of "Trailer Trash".  The irreverent show doesn't review movies.   Instead "Trailer Trash" picks apart the trailers that tempt audiences into shelling out big bucks at the box office. 

"After all, trailers are what get us to drop $14 a ticket to get into the theaters, so why shouldn't they be reviewed?" asks creator and executive producer Shawn Thomas.   Years of getting teased and thrilled by trailers inspired Thomas, a writer for hits like "Girlfriends" and "Titus", to create "Trailer Trash".   He developed the original concept of reviewing, and at times poking fun at, movie trailers in a unique and entertaining way.

"Trailer Trash" is one part satire and one part news, as hosts Michael Coleman and Bethany Dwyer "hitch" or "ditch" the latest Hollywood trailers.  A team of correspondents also hit the streets to dissect everything that is "coming soon" to your Cineplex.

"Trailer Trash" not only reviews trailers," says Thomas.  "We also offer the latest Hollywood production news, audience opinions, and comedy segments all about Hollywood's untouchable product: the trailer."

The spec pilot of "Trailer Trash" will show for the very first time Monday, April 16th at Hollywood's Knitting Factory.   Directed by Ric Serena, "Trailer Trash" is currently available for acquisition and distribution in all markets.

The "Trailer Trash" screening at the Knitting Factory will also include the exclusive world premiere of the trailer for cult director Uwe Boll's newest film, "Postal."

Zee Hatley and cast of "Hurt"Bethany Dwyer, Michael Coleman, Shawn ThomasTrailer Trash cake

As a special bonus, the short film "Hurt," by Trailer Trash cinematographer Zee Hatley, was screened, as well as an exclusive trailer for cult director Uwe Boll's controversial new film, Postal.  Following the screening, everyone was treated to live music by Keaton Simons (, Tony Lucca (, and the NeuTickles (, who perform the theme song to the Internet hit Ask A Ninja.

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