Trailer Trash
In a world where trailers are more popular than ever, comes a show that finally puts review in preview.  Trailer Trash showcases Hollywood's latest, and hopefully greatest, movie trailers.  Then based on the trailers, the hosts tell you whether they're going to HITCH or DITCH the movie.  Trailer Trash also has a team of correspondents who hit the streets to dissect everything that is coming soon to your Cineplex.  So grab some popcorn and enjoy the show!

Correspondent Ken CosbyThe RanterThe Ranter

Ken Cosby – Correspondent “The Ranter”

Ken Cosby was born in Hollywood, California, in the hospital behind the Kinko's on Vine Street just south of Sunset Blvd. Soon after his birth, a major earthquake hit and his parents moved to Atlanta, Georgia.  Ken's stand up comedy style is an energetic mix of storytelling and jokes which keeps the audience on its toes. And just when you think you're locked into his rhythm, Ken will toss out a clever observation like, "In this day and age of political correctness I wonder... How do Klansmen order their coffee?" keeping the audience thinking and laughing.  Ken has performed at The Boston Comedy Club, The Comedy Store, The Laugh Factory, Ha Ha Cafe, The Comedy Union and at The Improv. He can be seen in the documentary, How To Make It In Hollywood Before You Make It, produced and distributed by Odom Entertainment and will appear in the two part season finale of “Girlfriends” this year.  His debut CD What's Wrong With That Boy? can be purchased on CD Baby and on iTunes.

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